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Are you the kind of person who wants to become a better leader? Do you enjoy meeting with like-minded leaders and growing your mission.  Isn’t it time to grow your mission?

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Enthusiastic Mission Newbie!

Congratulations, you are just starting out!

You are just getting your feet wet and are probably looking for a trip that is not too far, will take less than 10 days, and doesn’t cost too much. You may have little or no travel experience but you are excited to learn. You may be bringing a youth team and you know you are going as a learner. You are figuring out the visas, money and team training schedule and realize you are going to be busy for a while. You will succeed with a host who has lots of experience with teams (even multiple teams a month) and can give you a really structured experience.

Time to get started!

Strong STM Starter

Awesome, you made it past your first mission!

You have some decent experience. You have travelled and know that mission is crazy busy and fun. You are looking to step things up a notch and want to travel a little further than you have before. You are thinking of going for a couple of weeks and are talking to friends about new destinations. You are ready to bring some new skills to the field but have enough experience to know that STM can be complicated and so you want to know how to prepare your teams a little better this time. You will succeed with a host who lets you plan your ministry together and even try some new things.

You are ready to step it up a notch!

The Gold Standard in Mission

Incredible, you are reaching for the Gold Standard!

You’ve done this before haven’t you! You have spent enough time on the field that you now know exactly how you messed things up on your first trips. You have lead a number of trips and had some great failures and successes. You train your team extensively and have a clear curriculum to follow. You are so used to travel that you don’t need to pack until a few hours before your flight. Your experience has allowed you to begin helping out new mission hosts as they begin to receive teams. You are now helping people you brought as short-termers to take the next step and go for a few months.

You are looking to fill the gaps in your knowledge and deepen your skills

Advanced Mission Master

You are the Master.

You have forgotten more about mission than most people will ever learn. You have had the debate about the effectiveness of STM a hundred times and know the ebb and flow of a team like the back of your hand. Your carry-on luggage is still half-packed from the last trip and you could leave again in an hour. You mentor other leaders and in fact you are the person people go to when it comes to understanding mission. You help to open up new fields where there are no hosts, and speak as a mission authority.

You are helping the next generation of leaders

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