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When it is time to book your team’s flights you want to work with a travel consultant who understands safe missionary travel.

From the moment Raptim was founded in 1949, their work has been based on values. respect, responsibility, expertise, compassion and service. These values remain at the very core of their organization. They are proud to be even a small part of your mission and ready to serve the people who serve the world. You.

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Benefits of Having Raptim Humanitarian Travel as Your Travel Partner

  • Trusted Partner
  • Humanitarian Travel Experts
  • Dedicated Team of travel agents with experience in complex itineraries
  • Duty of Care Program
  • Monitoring of Events and Situations
  • Secure Software to Manage Travel Documents and Preferences
  • Exclusive Airfares with Special Benefits
  • Travel insurance
  • 24/7 Emergency service staffed by Raptim staff


The Raptim Promise

Raptim Humanitarian Travel believes the world is a better place when care and compassion can travel where it is needed most.

For these people, service does not end when the work day is complete. If they see someone in need, they will help.

When you book with Raptim, they constantly monitor events and situations that could potentially impact your travel itinerary. They have an extensive duty of care program that ensures travelers can be located when necessary. Duty of care is more than a legal obligation to Raptim Humanitarian Travel, it is an ethical responsibility woven into their company culture. Your travelers automatically receive this service when they trust Raptim with their reservations. They are able to find their ticket information and work to ensure that they are safe during dangerous or crisis situations.


Introducing Raptim Care

New clients of Raptim Humanitarian Travel will be enrolled in our new duty of care product, Raptim Care.

Raptim Care, powered by Charter Solutions, is an innovative way for reservations and travelers booked with Raptim to stay informed before and during a trip. Pre-travel advisories and risk alerts are sent to email addresses on the reservation to inform and warn of possible situations on the ground. If an emergency situation arises, travelers can receive communication and adjust their travel plans, if necessary.

Duty of care responsibility falls on the organization. It is a moral and ethical obligation to ensure the safety of your travelers, let Raptim help you keep everyone safe.


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Raptim Humanitarian Travel

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