Every year, millions of people give countless hours to agencies they believe in. On their own dime they travel, work, promote, and make agencies better.

Are they helping you?


STMleader focuses on helping your team leaders and volunteers to develop so you can focus on your mission.

We open doors for motivated, dedicated volunteers who want to help you grow.
They gain adventures around the world that make a real difference and you gain champions who can’t help but celebrate your ministry with their friends and family

Case Study

The PAOC is the largest evangelical denomination in Canada. Thousands of volunteers leave every year on mission and volunteer with over 200 missionaries around the world.

Missionary hosts rely on teams and volunteers to support their work.  Volunteers ACCOMPLISH. They make a lasting long-term change in the community.

The PAOC was looking to increase the number of volunteers who were going for 2-24 months and Mark Crocker created the Mid-termer process to engage, train and deploy triple the number of volunteers that first year. This program is still going very strong and is seeing great success as many former mid-termers are now full-time missionaries on the field.

When the PAOC invite volunteers to join them, they provide them with an STM Leader orientation. This has meant that team leaders are really well prepared before they arrive. Best of all it saves everyone a lot of time and money.

Mark Crocker has helped hundreds of volunteers and career workers serve in cross-cultural mission contexts. His insightful, passionate, culturally sensitive and encouraging training style has helped many to be effective in short-term service around the world. He will help all who ask to make their mission adventure a great success.

Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada International Missions Director – Murray Cornelius

We  are excited to play a part in the great success of the PAOC. If you would also like to save a bunch of time and effort in building teams, connect for more information

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