Is STM a Waste of Time? Check the Barometer

If you are wondering is STM a waste of time, you are asking the right question.

How do you know if your Short Term Mission is good or bad?

You may want to take a minute to check the barometer to find out.

is STM a Waste of Time

So … Is STM a waste of time?

I’ll bet your answer probably depends on whether you are in the red or green column.

If you have too much red you might want to step things up a little, have a  look at STM team leader certification to see if you are a good candidate for improvement.


What would you add to this list?


March 15, 2018

7 responses on "Is STM a Waste of Time? Check the Barometer"

  1. This chart definitely shows the importance that the teams attitude has in regards to the effectiveness of a STM. It can be so easy to view a STM as an opportunity to enter a community and provide. This attitude can result in a feeling that the STM members are the ones solving the problem, and it give them a feeling of superiority. It is so important to view these missions as opportunities to work together with the local people, rather than an opportunity for “us” to provide an answer for “them”.

  2. This list rings very true! One thing that might be helpful for a team to ask themselves: if a team from the host country was coming to my country to do what I am going to do there, would I approve? If the answer is no then they probably do not have an attitude of equality.

  3. I think that it is super cool to look at STM’s in this way. It invokes thought on the purpose of the trip; why are we doing this?
    It is also a good reminder to see the trip as a way to grow relationship rather than turn it into just an event.

  4. The picture and list was an incredible visual to determine whether the STM was/is a waste of time. I think many people who see it as a waste of time maybe have only experienced short-term missions within the red column or don’t know the correct intentions of a great STM. It is also helpful for a leader to keep yourself in check with your short-term mission. Are you doing planning for your short-term mission to be great? or to be terrible? What is the foundation the mission is based on?

    • i find that most people just don’t know what they don’t know… it is not intentional that most people think a certain way about something like STM … we tend to fall into it. I think it is important to occasionally look from a different perspective!

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