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Want volunteers to come help your ministry?

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You get what you expect …


So expect more.


Join the hosts who expect more from teams, and get it.


Become a certified STM leader host today.


You won’t regret it

What a difference a year makes!

I was visiting my friends Marc and Lisa in Haiti. We were having a great time and talking about missions. Suddenly Marc stopped to confront me.

“What was up with the last team you sent me!  they were a nightmare.  Didn’t listen to a thing I said”

I was shocked

I reminded him that I had never even met the team – he hadn’t asked me to coach them.

He laughed and said he needed to change that. So we did.

Over the next year, Marc suggested my STM Team Leader Certification Course to his team leaders. I worked with a great bunch of leaders who were eager to sharpen their skills. The best leaders are always ready to learn.


STM Leader will make your life a lot easier.

  • 279HWe stay the things you want to say, but can’t without sounding self-serving
  • We set up leaders to focus on your big picture plans
  • We create passionate advocates to support your ministry beyond the trip
  • We help weed out problem people before they hurt your community
  • We train volunteers to actually read your rules so you can focus on your ministry
  • It won’t cost you a dime



One year later

A year later I was sitting with Marc again and he talked about the difference. He said the teams I had coached were “the best he ever had”. They learned more, gave more, and developed long-lasting relationships.

That day Marc told me that he was not going to take another team unless they were STM Leader Certified.


Would you like the same support?

If you host teams I can give you the same support for free (really free, not a gimmick). All I need is for you to introduce yourself. You can use the form on the left. It should only take you a minute or so.

I promise to respond to you right away. When we connect I plan to give you a clear way forward. You will join a global network of hosts who receive the best teams in the world. You can read all about it in the next tab, or go ahead and apply online in less than one minute.


Let me make your life simpler. Today.



How do volunteers choose a ministry?

Volunteers are looking for great opportunities to serve in mission. If they are not visiting you, or if you don’t have enough teams, then I can help.

In this exclusive offer, mission hosts are entitled to one free review of your volunteer strategy.

An outside eyeball can see what you missed. I help you optimize so more people volunteer time and donate money to your mission.

I will send you practical, simple steps to make your mission more attractive to volunteers. There is no obligation at all.

Take the free, no-obligation audit and see for yourself.

All you need to begin is fill out the form in the sidebar.

Don’t wait another minute wondering how to attract better volunteers!

<<<Start by giving me your contact info

What you will receive:

  • Learn where volunteers decide to join (or not)
  • Explore ideas for roles they can fill
  • Be prepared to respond to the FAQ’s of the best volunteers


Get ready for more people to come help your mission. This will not cost you a cent (ever) and it will make your life easier.

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