Is “I want to go” good enough for STM travellers?

What’s your real motive …

Some people are concerned that their desire is not a good enough reason to go. Some wannabe STM travellers stand frozen, unwilling to make a decision. They have an unbiblical fear that they may step outside of what God’s best plan for their life might be.

Other leaders are super concerned that team members might have mixed reasons and the reason why they want to get there is not ‘pure’ enough …

So people wait, afraid to make a wrong step, for God to light up the sky in fire. They wait for his loud booming voice to make the future perfectly clear.

They would wait forever rather than make a wrong choice.

I think that’s wrong and here’s why


Even a casual reading of the Bible reveals that God does not work this way.

STM travel womanHe has a small voice.

A still, small voice.

Most frequently he suggests a path and then disappears for most of the person’s lifetime.  Even when God is very present in the story – there is still an awful lot of people just making their own decisions.

It is His way to let us make our choices.

Christian faith is different from many other faiths in that regard – The way of Jesus is to join in with our co-creative ability. We get to write the next chapter in the story that God is putting together.

We get to make the choice – so what do your choose?

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson


If you are looking for adventure you start with a step

As a traveler I am often asked where my favourite place is, and over time I have come to realize that it is the next place.

Choosing the way of Mission is choosing the way of adventure. Exploration and discovery are a beautiful expression of the nature of God. STM travellers know that this trip is a start (not the end) of the story.

We are all on a journey, some of us are choosing our next step

Where is your adventure taking you?

October 12, 2017

7 responses on "Is "I want to go" good enough for STM travellers?"

  1. I loved this, “The way of Jesus is to join in with our co-creative ability”, I’ve never thought of it that way before. But He is obviously a creative God and maybe a part of being made in His image is to be creative ourselves. I look forward to creatively trail blazing with Jesus.

  2. This was a very interesting take on the questions. I surely enjoyed this perspective and very much agree to it. I have heard many leaders say there needs to be clear direction for someone to be involved with the short-term mission’s trip. I have struggled with this in the past debating whether I should be apart of a team or not. I wanted to go, but had no ‘concrete spiritual reason’ to go. This was very encouraging for me as a participant and as a future leader.

  3. I agree that “I want to go” is a good enough answer for STM travelers. Jesus told us to “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15). He did not say that we could only go to the places that He shouted at us to go to. He simply stated for us to go. He wants us to “proclaim the gospel” and if you “want to go” proclaim the gospel on a STM then it is a fair enough reason. God is going to use every opportunity to further His kingdom. We are called to go, therefore we should take every opportunity to do so. As long as your reason to go is to help further His kingdom then your “want to go” is justifiable.

    Caitlin Giles

  4. How true! My experience after 10 years of doing STMs, is that if God plants the desire in your heart than go is the only answer!
    Barry Mutrie
    Team Leader
    Mission Zimbabwe

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