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The Right Fit

You want the right person to communicate. Will they help you share your message? Will they motivate your community? Will they have something of substance to say? Will people enjoy the event?

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The Mission of Christ

The Mission of Christ needs to be communicated to all.

Those who have never heard should be given a chance

Those who have heard it all, need to be re-inspired.

Most requested Topics

I speak on topics related to the mission of Christ, leadership, inspiration, giving meaning to life, our God-given ability, and the surprising response of Jesus to working with the poor.

What you can expect

  • I will return your email, phone calls and texts promptly
  • Before the event I will contact you by phone to clarify your intention and goals. I will work to make your event a success in the way you need.
  • I will arrive on time. Prepared and ready to present with both my speech as well as accompanying video and images.
  • I will provide access to supplementary and additional resources for your attendees accessible from my website.
  • I will follow up with you after the event to ensure that you were satisfied with my presentation.

Many Ways to Present

I present these topics in various ways.

Keynote address. Sermon. Seminar. Workshop. Half and Full day events. I can even teach it as a College course.

Ask if you have a particular request.

The next step

Thank you so much for considering me for your event. I consider it a high honour to share my passion with others. You can take the next step by contacting me using the form below

I will get back to you right away.

Got a plan?

Churches are looking for creative ways to join the life-giving mission of Christ.

The problem is that we are besieged with bestselling ideas to achieve our mission plans. Too often those plans contradict one another.

church mission plan

Where do we start?

  • Should we care more for the poor, or the unreached?
  • Is it the 10-40 window or the 4-14 window?
  • Do we use our money for short-term mission, long-term mission or national mission?

Finding your strategy can feel like we are building a business plan rather than sensing the Spirit.

With all the opportunities, it is more important than ever to find your path in mission of Christ.

We can help!

Sharpen your Vision

We coach simple, sustainable long-term Mission plans that will change the lives of your people.

We help make your priorities come alive so you can easily make mission decisions such as ‘who you support and who you avoid’!

We help you find:

  • Your Sweet Spot – How should your church get involved in God’s mission around the world?
  • Gooooal! – How will you know when you reached your goal?
  • Every Little Detail – All you need to build excitement, create an awesome mission committee, develop policy, follow CRA, help without hurting, decide your budget, say ‘NO’ to a missionary and still have time for the rest of your life!

Grow your Church

Do you want to grow the global passion and deepen the mission skill of people in your church?

Each of the following courses can be adapted and offered as a day or weekend seminar

Your team will see your mission clarified and focused like never before. Best of all, we will help some of your people leave your church … for good.

Lets grow your mission.


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