AIDS Calgary

My wife Supriya and I just finished the orientation and informational training sessions at AIDS Calgary. I have often been in countries where this disease is the predominant killer, and thought that I should become more informed about the disease. Did you know that you can have HIV but not AIDS … but not the other way around – sort of like all puppies are dogs, not all dogs are puppies.

HIV/AIDS must be one of the most feared and stereotyped diseases out there … I was amazed at the subtlety of ways in which I categorised and prejudged people with it.

Something that I found sad, was that as a Christian, while training in that room, I did not personally feel that I was with a group of other believers … yet the incredible volunteers in the room were actually following Christ’s example to care for those who need the most. Why is it my experience that Christians are too seldom found in places where they really are needed, why are we most often found in our clubs?

I know that I am speaking with the zeal of the newly converted, and frankly as I just went to AIDS Calgary myself for the first time … self-righteousness is prbably crawling all over my words. I am not even planning on volunteering with them, I simply wanted to discover more information in order to help me internationally. But please take one minute before dismissing my words outright. Truthfully, where would/do we find Jesus today? Are we there with him?

July 14, 2005

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