Are we on the same page?

You are probably here to figure out one of two things:

  • Are these guys credible?
  • Would we get along?

Meet the team

Mark Crocker

Founding Director

Over the last 25 years I have trained over 25 000 people into mission. I have served as the Short Term Mission chair at the EFC global mission roundtable. I teach STM beginners and masters level college courses. And I have lead multi-million dollar development projects in Congo and Haiti.

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Rachel McFaddin

Details Heroine

Rachel is an alumni of STM leader and our management expert. When she is not leading mission Rachel is mother to her family, grappling in the gym, and leading the church in the mountains of Castlegar, BC. If you need help getting enrolled fast, your first call needs to be with Rachel.  She makes it happen for all of us.

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Vincent Chan

Web Systems

Vincent is an alumni of STM leader and our resident web guru. When he is not leading mission he is leading as the emerging generations pastor in Vancouver, BC. Vincent is our goto man for our web based teaching platform.

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Who we are:

STM leader was created to make it easy for leaders like you to strengthen your skills.

We focus on the practical questions you need to know to get your team developed and out the door. You are busy, and so we help you figure out the details to keep on your toes legally, and make sure your ministry goals aren’t just a waste of time and money.

We know the STM standards of excellence and we will sneak them in to your process through lively and interesting training. You get to join a cohort of like-minded leaders from across North American, many with years of experience, who want to be better STM team leaders.

Our goal is to share what works for other STM team leaders so we can make your life easier, a lot easier, so you can grow your mission, just like we do for other leaders from many other denominations and countless agencies.

We are STM leaders who think that short-term teams matter when they have a long-term purpose. I think we will get along … Let’s chat!

Mark – Executive Director

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