4 stages of stress when you travel

When I travel, I find that sometimes I just hit the wall. I am sick and tired of being there and just wish I was home already. The adventure fades and reality is just tiring … I know! poor me! what a hard life I have ūüôā

Hard Luck Life

I also know that this is normal. I am a unique individual who feels these feelings just like everyone else!

I just taught a session in Saskatoon where an old friend, Rob Shepherd graciously hosted me. At one of his sessions, Rob talked about the Five Stages of Cross Cultural Stress.

Stage 1. Expectation and Optimism

Stage 2. Acceptance and Fascination

Stage 3. Frustration and Rejection

Stage 4. Regression and Hostility

Stage 5. Adjustments, Acculturation and Assimilation.

Rob unpacked the normal responses to stage 4: Regression and Hostility in this way. People choose to fight, flight, filter and flex. I have definitely felt each of these responses during my travels

  1. Fight – for change
  2. Flight – escape, go home
  3. Filter – see only the bad of the present culture
  4. Flex – work thought it.


Have you  experienced any of these stages?

Mark Crocker

October 22, 2007

3 responses on "4 stages of stress when you travel"

  1. Great information! I have been through most of the stages at one time or other.

    • Hi Elveera, thanks for the comment – the stages are a lot of pressure and a lot of fun. I remember the advice of a friend who suggested that it is best to think like a leaf on a river … go with the flow during the stressful times

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