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Grow Your Mission

You want to change the world ... we help you start

STM Leader exists to build the strongest short-term mission in the world. We build confident leaders, incredible teams, and expect life-changing experiences for everyone involved.

We are committed to the local church sending a first STM team, as well as agencies that send dozens of teams a year.

We are fanatical about going, and obsessive about how leaders and team members prepare.

Grow Your Mission

Are you a Mission Leader?STM Leader small

Work with exceptional mission hosts who share your passion. Challenge your team and make a lasting difference in God’s global adventure.

Learn what the best leaders are learning

Are you a Mission Host?STM Leader small

Receive more teams who help you meet your long term goals. Raise the resources to change lives and keep coming back for years.

Find out a little more about Hosting

Why STM Leader?

Personal Gameplan

one-on-one coaching

Every team is unique, we provide you with the tools to train yours

Face-to-Face Training

Zoom Video sessions

Ask questions, share a story, log in from your living room

Community of Experts

Join Like Minded Leaders

Share ideas, questions and resources with fellow STM leaders

A Global Network

Anyplace. Anytime.

We connect the greatest teams with the greatest hosts

Save Time and Money

Who doesn’t like to save?

Work smarter, not Harder. The resources you need. Now.

A Full Suitcase

From Pre-Trip to Return

You want to be prepared, every detail has been considered.

Who We Work With

Mark Crocker’s insightful, passionate, culturally sensitive and encouraging training style has helped many to be effective in short-term service around the world.

Murray Cornelius – Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada International Missions Director


STMleader.com is a unique resource for all things short term missions. Anyone that is serious about intentional cross cultural ministry should consult with STMleader.com.

Ian Stokes – International Mobilization Manager for Samaritan’s Purse Canada


Mark’s heart for equipping leaders is very obvious through his teaching and experience.  What a treasure chest of information.

Mark Traill – Team Leader, The Father’s house, California.


Just wanted to thank you for training and sending us amazing volunteers to India. Keep sending us your best!

Stew & Monique Shaw – Global Workers in Kolkata, India

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Get Prepared 

Good Leaders want to be great. They are always looking to grow. They refuse to remain static.  

Thousands of other leaders have taken one of our courses to discover new ways of leadership and brilliant ways to grow their mission.

Take a moment to investigate one of the following course options!

Travel the world and make a difference!Volunteer Abroad - vertical

7 Keys to get out the door and on a plane

  • Are you ready to join the brave few who make the choice to travel abroad and make a difference?
  • You owe it to yourself to get this book.
  • Learn how you can take the first steps to get on a plane and get overseas!

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STM Leader is focused on helping mission leaders meet world class standards of excellence.
We focus on the details and make it easier for STM team leaders to take the best teams in the world
STM Leader has worked with numerous churches and mission agencies including: Samaritans Purse, The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, The Christian and Missionary Alliance of Alberta, and many others. Please check out our testimonial page to read more
No one should play in the championship game without first showing up for practice.
Mission is the championship game.
Hosts tell us that the right preparation is the key difference between teams they really want back and teams they really don’t.
This course is ideally suited for current STM team leaders or for leaders who are planning to lead a team in the next year.
Thanks! we think you are awesome too.
We usually hear “I’m good” from two kinds of people. Leaders who have taken a few teams overseas. and Churches who facilitate 5-10 teams a year. The awkward thing is that I  hear a very different story from hosts on the ground. Mission hosts don’t want to say it but they would love to see you understand their mission a bit more and be even more effective!
I get it – you’re awesome!  But don’t you want to be a little more awesome?!
We have seminars for our work, our marriages and our hobbies. Maybe it is time you pushed your ability to lead mission. It is risk free, so try it out and get your money back if it is a waste of your time.
In the end, if you find that you could teach the course, check to see if we are hiring!
Here are the 4 steps:
  1. You sign up for the course and get access to incredible resources.
  2. You join a cohort of STM Leaders and connect for 6 live video conference sessions.
  3. You take awesome teams overseas and save time and money.
  4. Your team has their best mission experience ever and your host begs you to come back.
Courses happen live online through video chat.
You will get to talk directly to your  dedicated coach and a incredible cohort of fellow STM Leaders
All courses have 4 parts to them.
  • Course Content – all Leaders get a personal log-in to download all course materials. Take your own time and collect everything you need to prepare your team
  • Cohort Training – Leaders join a live call with with like minded leaders
  • Individual Coaching – Leaders gain private access to a STM Leader coach to ask specific questions or work through sensitive issues
  • Community of Leaders – All leaders are invited into the exclusive community of leaders
You will learn everything you need to prepare your team from long before you depart to long after you return. This includes administration, Leadership issues, your host relationship, how to train your team, and return debriefing.
Other leaders from across North America.
Some of these leaders are just starting their first time, others will have have lead dozens of teams.
Mosts leaders have lead 2-3 teams and are ready to deepen their STM skills.
Previous Leaders have told us that meeting other STM leaders through the course really helped them to sharpen their STM understanding.
We serve all kinds of leaders – Participate as much or as little as you want.
In our online forums you will find active team leaders who will share their experience and solutions with everyone. Maybe you hold the answer to another leaders problem!
Email or call (+1 778 995 5505). We will quickly respond to your questions, even when we are abroad.

Don’t miss out! Join over 1000 STM leaders for helpful mission tools and get a free book today!         Check it out 

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