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What STM Books do you recommend?

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    Mark Crocker

    Share the books you love, hate or have changed your mind about mission

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    Here are some books that have had a positive impact on me about Mission work.

    1) Lords of the earth by Don Richardson
    2) Mountain Rain (biography of James O. Fraser)by Eileen Crossman
    3) Shadow of the Almighty (The life and testament of Jim Elliot) by Elisabeth Elliot
    4) God’s Smuggler By Brother Andrew

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    Mark Crocker

    thanks Greg for the great suggestions!  Mind if i ask why you liked those 3 in particular? And would you recommend them to a leader or a team member or both?

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    I like to read about those who take serious The call of God. These books are about those who counted the cost and went to preach the gospel in dangerous settings. It motivated me to be more serious in my walk with Jesus. I’d recommend them to anyone who is serious about living out their faith, whether its here in every day life or on the mission field.

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    Mark Crocker

    Love it Greg! – great suggestions

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    Bill Hybles book Holy Discontent. It is an incredible book to spark and stir a passion for a cause that God has placed in each of us, and to not only stir that passion, but also to maintain that passion for a cause, and to spread the good news. This book can help to develop, mature, and focus, passions into what is the one injustice that you cannot stand by and watch happen. This book just makes you want to stand up wherever you are and fight all of the injustices of the world.

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    A Heart for the City – John Fuder

    i’m not exactly sure if this would be considered a “STM” book but this was a text we worked through first semester in our practicum class and I enjoyed it very much. It talks about effective ministries to the urban community and talks about specific communities within each chapter. This book definitely opened my eyes and helped me gain a greater understand of the different challenges in each community as well as what God is already doing and what he is trying to do in these places. It also talks about models of church planting which could be used for STM!

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