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    Mark Crocker

    Jetlag, long layovers and cramped economy class seating … what are your personal favourite travel tips?

    – Secrets to upgrading.
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    Vincent Chan

    – If the flight looks full, I always take advantage of the free gate check for carry-on luggage

    – If I don’t have much for carry-on, I usually try to get a seat near the front but wait until they call the last section to board the flight.  There won’t be much carry-on luggage space left but it would be the least amount of time waiting on the plane to fully board (last on to the plane, first off the plane)

    – If you have to pay for checked luggage, check for seat upgrades.  They usually  come with free additional checked luggage.  So one time, I had to pay $25 for checked luggage but I ended up paying $50 for a seat upgrade that came with a free checked luggage so in the end, I really only paid an extra $25 for the seat upgrade.

    – When booking flights for the group, always check to see if non-group rates are cheaper.  One time I had to make 3 purchases of 3 tickets each but it was cheaper than getting 9 tickets through the airline group reservation line

    – When renting a vehicle to drive down for missions trip, see if any of the drivers have a Costco card.  Booking a vehicle through Costco usually includes a free additional driver on top of any discounts.  That will save you tons of money and allow drivers to switch on and off.

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    Mark Crocker

    solid tips Vincent!  I tend to try to board first because of the bin space issue these days … but your thoughts are great!  love the non-group rate ideas as well. I had never heard of that and my wife worked in the airline industry for 10 years.

    You have some solid info here!

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    Vincent Chan

    When look up flight prices on your own  (not through a travel agent), turn your web browser into “private mode” (or whatever it is called).  Many flight websites utilizes something called “cookies” to record your web visit.  So if the website detects that you were recently on their website (let’s say, you visit it daily waiting for it to drop in price), then it will continually show you that same price, in hopes of you giving up and buying it or it will increase prices each time you visit to give you the urgency of “buy now before it’s too late.”  But in “private mode,”  your web browser will not store any “cookies” aka any previous site visit, so the website will think you’re a new visitor every time and will load up the latest flight prices, if changed.  There are plenty of websites about this if you want to google it.

    Also, if the website allows, try changing the currency to USD (or whatever country you’re going to) and then use your credit card’s exchange rate to see which is a better deal.  For example, a few weeks ago, something was listed at $250 CAD but when changed to USD, it was $200USD.  Now of course, with today’s exchange rate, the $250CAD is better but imagine if it was back in the 1:1 days… paying in USD would have been cheaper.. and this is for any e-commerce website, not just flights.

    Buying 2 one-way tickets could be cheaper!  I recently bought flights for a conference in California.  If I were to buy 2 one-way tickets, the return flight from LA was only $5.o8 USD.  Only if the flight going wasn’t cheap already, I would have searched another airline for the best possible one-way ticket price going down.  I wouldn’t have mind flying two different airlines for the lowest price possible.

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