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      Mark Crocker

      Short Term Missions teams are fun to work with – what are some of your essential tools for building teams. (include links to websites, videos, other resources)

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      I think books are a HUGE asset when preparing a team. It allows you to access people’s knowledge from all over the world, in all different contexts, with different activities and different cultures. I’m the type of person who likes to pick people’s brains for information because people are kind of smart sometimes. You don’t always have to agree, but if you disagree, you can discover more about why and what you would do differently in your context. I believe the more books you read, the better. I have read Serving with Eyes Wide Open by David A. Livermore and How to Get Ready for Short Term Missions: The Ultimate Guide for Sponsors, Parents, and THOSE WHO GO! by Anne-Geri’ Fann and Gregory Taylor as well as the books assigned to us in school such as Introducing Cultural Anthropology by Brian M. Howell and Jenell Williams Paris, which is not really a short term missions book, but I think it’s good to have a basic knowledge of cultural anthropology. All these books have helped me form my views of STM. I have not yet had to put an entire trip together on my own, but I will one day and I will most likely refer back to these books as well as find more when it comes to putting my team together, as well as training and actually going on the trip, as well as post-trip.

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      Yunue Gabriela

      I believe that when we are doing missions is very important to cover the aspect of cross cultural shock because this will help each member of the team to handle the stress in a better way but it will also help them to avoid damage to themselves and to the culture that are allow your presence in their place. Also is important to see the real heart of why to do missions because this will help us to focus better in the goals we want to achieve.

      Another important aspects is the debrief during and after the trip, this help not only to keep the proper focus, but also help in the issue of what the participant and the leader has learn  and stress management from both sides (the leader and participant).

      Also is important to talk regarding the aspect of finances to cover the expenses of the trip, and try to actually fundraising  for this, also is important to separate a portion of it to give to the host culture to cover part of their needs.




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      Key essential tools for team building:

      • Collaboration
      • A safe to risk environment (no judgment)
      • Diversity
      • A good team leader who encourages open dialogue
      • Being able to accept constructive feedback
      • Active listening skills
      • Problem solving

      Team building activities:

      *Allows for constant communication and collaboration so team members can reach a common goal*



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