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Share some great STM videos – post the URL below. share!

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    Mark Crocker

    Who wants to be a volunteer? – A brilliant take on the “save the world” volunteer.

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    Vincent Chan

    That’s a great and smart video!  Definitely using it.  Thanks!

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    Mark Crocker

     i suggest you use this video as a great opener for a “Starting Strong” session. I think it asks the question “why do we do what we do?” in a compelling way. (but I think we have a better answer)


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    Mark Crocker

    Here is another funny video on cross-cultural issues:


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    HMS went on a STM trip to Vancouver, East Hastings back in October, i think this is one of the exposure video’s shown while we were prepping for our trip!


    despite how hard it was seeing all the brokenness and bondage.. i left knowing the need is great, but God is greater.

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    This song by Gungor gets me every time. Just stirs up a want to stand up in love and mercy against all of the injustices. Slightly abstract and poetic commissioning and thought provoking song. “Because if it’s us or them, it’s us for them.”

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    Having gone to Cambodia last year and preparing a destination study, I just looked around for a video that could encompass it all and although I wasn’t with the organizations described this is a good video to show to a group to prepare them for what the will see in Cambodia.

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    I really like this Video from YWAM


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    Mark Crocker

    one of my all time favourites is this one from Saturday Night Live.  Spot on parody:


    39 cents

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    Mark Crocker

    do you really understand the culture?  What do you think is happening here:


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    Mark Crocker

    why did the traveller cross the road … ?

    crossing the street is something we all learn as kids, BUT did you know that our ideas on how to cross the street is very cultural?  See if you can figure out the rules for pedestrians in this video:


    (HINT: if you say that there are no rules, you see culture through a specific lens.  IF there really were no rules, then would he have been able to make it across?  What rules are in place in this video?  Notice any differences from the beginning of his walk to the end?  What did he learn?


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    Mark Crocker

    Both of these statements are true:

    • Spirituality is complex and highly personal.
    • Spirituality is simple and an obligation to the community.

    These may both be true for you alone, never mind the rest of the world.  How do we understand our spirituality as it interacts with the rest of the people on the planet.  This video from Burning Man a few years ago addresses this longing and purpose.  Where do you find yourself resonating?


    It is too easy to see our faith through the single lens of where we differ. This tends to create warring factions. How did the early churches deal with cultural differences in spirituality?

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    Great video of volunteering! Definitely volunteering is the best way to save the world and to help the humanity. Me and my brother always love to do volunteering and visited many places for volunteering purposes. To help the humanity, we are planning to go to Africa and to participate in the mission humanitarian program. While getting more information about the short term humanitarian mission program, we had decided to go to West Africa for helping the humanity.

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