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      Sometimes on a STM trip, one team member is simply weaker than the others or they give up on the mission and don’t pull their weight. Sometimes they stir up gossip against other members, and it becomes clear as a leader that they are an issue. Because it’s just a short-term trip, this can be awkward to deal with, because there might only be a couple days left anyway. As a leader, what could / should be done about this? How can the team become reunified if one member has checked out?

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      As the leader what could be done is having a conversation with person who is being a “weaker link” to find out why they have checked out along with causing strife in the group.

      The best way for the team to become reunified with the team member might be to take time away from the project/ministry and just get together as a team to discuss what is going on. If the team aren’t working together while on the mission then they won’t be able to support each other after the mission trip, which is greatly needed when you are experiencing return culture shock and need someone to share in your experience.  In that time that they are together come up with questions to ask to team and have them pray together.

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      Mark Crocker

      i think that this is why i recommend having the team come up with the team rules … what would it look like if the team itself decided to deal with the issue before it got out of hand?

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      This can be tough because I believe this can happen very easily once nearing the end of your short-term mission. I think if you as the leader notice this specific issue arising I would recommend trying to stomp it out as soon as possible. I think a great way to do this is to talk about it with your whole team, not to single anyone out but just discussing it as a team and how as a team you might be able to overcome something like that. Hopefully through this discussion something will click in that individuals mind of how they should maybe be acting differently or from the discussion decide that they need to talk to you (the leader) about it further to figure it out!

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