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    Mark Crocker

    Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, although we all know that some are more effective than others … what do you consider to be the key characteristics for STM team leaders?

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    Obviously there is a wide variety of skills both necessary and beneficial to a team.  These can vary dependent upon the size of your team, number of leaders, group dynamics and travel destination. Regardless, i can think of two skill that i think all leaders should have regardless of their teams context.

    1.) Skill Appreciation/Understanding: to me this is an important skill for anyone building a team. If you can discover the skills your team members have you can use people more effectively. More importantly, you can encourage and support members of your team and work together to cover the weak spots other members have.  Without a skill like this I don’t think teams can be effectively built. If the leader isn’t working towards building the team members and growing the community then they are not a team, just a group of individuals under a manager.

    2.) Administration: I feel this one might be more obvious, but across the board I think leaders need to have a level of administration skills. This helps with organizing a team, recruiting the team and being able to effectively use the team. If no one had the gift of administration again the issue comes up where you have a number of individuals, who each have a purpose, but they may not have set tasks or any organization. There is no effective way for a team to function without some level of organization.

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      Mark Crocker

      i agree with your second point – i think that this weird split that i hear from a bunch of leaders who say (almost proudly) that they are leaders not managers sort of sounds like they don’t want to do the hard work of working out the details. Gift or not – admin work is soothing that EVERY leader needs to figure out. Maybe when you are old and can hire a personal assistant you can focus less intently on those details, but in the meantime, learn this skill. It is probably the difference between leaders who can last and those who fail.

      my 2

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    There are multiple characteristics that STM leaders need. One of the most important skill that a leader needs is the ability to bring people together. To take individuals and help shape them into a team. To do this the leader need to be committed and hardworking. The leader must put the needs and goal of the group first. The leader needs to be able to see the value of each individual on the team. Being able to use each person to their full potential. So to summarize a team leader need to be dedicated, hardworking, and able to bring the good out of every person in the team.

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    I think that all of the qualities listed in the previous posts sit on the assumption that the person in a position of leadership understand what exactly their role is as a leader in the first place. Therefore I would argue that one of the most important qualities of a leader is a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical recognition of what their role as a leader entails.

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    I believe that there is many characteristics that make up a STM leadership, because we are all gifted so differently. I believe that spiritual and mental maturity is extremely important. As a leader, you need to be able to make calls quickly, and address all needs for the team. This would take someone who is mature in their walk with God, but also teachable and can learn from their own mistakes. A good leader needs to be able to delegate tasks to co-leaders, and team members. A leader should sure as a pastor, and point person but ultimately allow others on the team to build up their skills, and be mentored. Administration is super important as the fine details of the trip need to be combed through multiple time and confirmed. This is also where the help of the co-leader comes in handy as they might see mistakes and such that the leader missed. A leader needs to be teachable and accountable to their mistakes. Lastly, I believe that a good leader needs to have a good mentor in their life that they are kept accountable to, and can gain unbiased insight in regards to their team.

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      Mark Crocker

      so which of those skills do you have and which do you lack?

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    I think the most important Characteristic for a leader is someone who can bring out the skills of the rest of the team an delegating. like Madi pointed out we all have different strengths and if the leader is not able to delegate and see the skills in the rest of the team they will not be able to lead effectively. A good leader is also aware of their weaknesses so that they can find people who have those skills as strengths.

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    <p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>In my opinion, the emotional excitement of a STM trip is a huge contributor to the passion and drive that is required to do the mission not just effectively, but with the right heart.  I think that the responsibility for this “Moral” falls heavily on the leadership of the trip.  Although it is true that there can be many sources of frustration or discouragement, I consider the leader being the key source of positivity and joy to be one of the key characteristics for STM team leaders.  Without and enthusiastic and passionate leader, it is hard to stand behind the vision or goal.  The leader should be someone who can rally up the team members, or at least, be wise enough to bring someone alongside you who can do that.  Without excitement or passion, it is hard to spread the overflowing love of Christ, and it becomes just another task to be completed.  This is why enthusiasm is so important when it comes to STM.  </span></p>

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    A quality that I really appreciate in leaders is confidence! A leader has to make tough decisions, know their own strengths and weaknesses, be able to delegate so they don’t try to do everything themselves (plus it gives good learning opportunities to others), and they need to be capable of taking charge if needed. In order for team members to be confident in their leader, the leader needs to be confident that they are in the place God wants them to be. Not necessarily entirely confident everything they do, because STM’s can be scary and frustrating and some leaders are just learning, but confidence in who they are as Christ and who they are in their role as leader is important to me if I’m going to be a part of someone’s team.

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      Mark Crocker

      so what do you do if you don’t feel confident? I have had to work with tonnes of team leaders over the years, many of which don’t feel the least bit confident. what would you say to them?

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    I believe more than anything that a leader is not only a person who can give direction and give orders, but is a person who can build into their team. When it comes to STM leadership, I believe a key characteristic is having the ability to build into the team and to help members of the team grow. A STM team leader should be able to challenge, correct, but yet help and somewhat mentor individual members of the team. Another key characteristic for a STM leader is the ability to take charge. STM trips can be very stressful and unpredictable and a characteristic that STM leaders should have is the ability to take charge and be confident and ready in those circumstances.


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      Mark Crocker

      What do you mean by “Build into their team”? Could you give me an example of how you have seen this done or done it yourself …

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    The four greatest leadership characteristics within short term missions are, 1) being able to lead (very important),  2)Having an understanding of why you are doing the specific short term mission, 3) being able to be lead, and 4) being teachable. These four are all so important and all tie in together. It may sound simple and straight forward but you need to be able to lead a team, and some individuals simply are not gifted with that ability. You need to have an understanding of why you are doing the short term mission so that you may properly convey that to your team and also so you have an understanding of what your goals are for the short term missions, if you don’t have an understanding of the purpose or your goals then you need to take a step back. My last two points very much tie into each other because if you are not willing to be lead by others, chances are there is no hope teaching you, and vice versa. These two are important characteristics because this will be the case when you enter a different country, and this might not just happen with your host or locals but with members of your own team.

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