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      How would you respond to a situation where you are on a youth group Short-term missions trip and you have a student who is feeling home sick? How do you respond to this student?

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      Honestly, I would try and get them to participate in some the ongoing activities. If they are feeling like this during a lull in the trip like on a car ride I would try and get some team building going on (pretty much get a game going). It’s risky to let them call home as soon as they get home sick because then they might not be able to get over it and you can only make so many phone calls.

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      I would suggest giving them a phone call half way through the trip, so that they can split the time that they feel homesick in half. I would clarify that this is the only time there will be a call. I would also heavily use their team to help them through their homesickness. Games and activities that include them and the team members they are closest to will help them to feel like they are in a safe space that they belong, which will hopefully help with the homesickness. With the right team bonding events before the trip happens, they will feel close to team members, and will feel an aspect of home from being near to people that they are close to.

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      I would first begin by encouraging them and reminding them of their decision to honor God by being a part of his work in a different part of the world. I would ask them how we could best help. I would probably give them a phone call on the same day even if they do not ask.  I think that the students family would naturally give them support and encouragement. I would not allow them to slack during ministry or team times, but at the same time I would look for opportunities to give them a break if they are introverted as well as need it. Like Alex mentioned I would also encourage members of the team to be alongside them and involve him in group activities.

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