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    I often get mission questions asked of me … I thought I would start adding them here to this thread.  If you have a mission question, please ask it here.  I promise to get back to you!

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    Mark Crocker

    This first question is confusing issue and it comes from Peter Mcintosh from Ottawa:


    Hey Mark,

    I have a quick question and you’re the guy I think can help.
    We’re looking at some STMs here at Bethel and the issue of CRA regulations around fund-raising for the trips has come up.  Can an individual raise funds and have the donation go through the church for a church sanctioned missions trip to go against their costs?
    Some input we’ve received suggests that funds an individual raises can go to a pot but not directly to their expenses in which case everything gets averaged and the person who raises 100% of their budget and the person who raises 60% will still get the same (with the obvious issues).
    I’d be really interested in your experience and expertise on this.
    Thanks Mark!


    Peter McIntosh

    Lead Pastor
    Bethel Ottawa

    Here is my response:

    Team members can donate for a tax reciept and raise funds for the total trip.
    The members of the team are the agents accomplishing the mission and have their costs paid for from the officially approved budget for the offiially approved ministry with the approved leader etc etc
    As you recognised the funds do not go to the individual raising the funds, that would constitute a direct benefit to the individual and go against CRA policy and jeopardize your charitable status.
    All funds raised must go to the approved mission activity of the church (thats why the course instructs team leaders to fill out the trip approval form with all of the details for board approval)
    this is why team members cannot ask for money back if they raise more unless you have set up a deposit/donation system
    if a team member drops out, they dont get “there” money back … it is a donation to the charitable purposes of the church.
    the bigger question is how to deal with a team member who is not pulling their weight. This is easily accomodated in the commitment and disclosure forms I share in the leadership course.
    Team members may be obligated to any number of requirements to join the team, commitment to moral issues, commitment to training and a commitment to raising a portion of the total mission funds. If they do not comply with that commitment then they can be removed from the team at the discretion of the team leader.
    Great question – hope this helps!
    This is exactly the kind of question I answer in the team leader certification course – plus dozens more of equivalent importance – would you consider putting a key leader through the course with me this fall?


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