STM Leadership Certification

STM Leadership Certification is for leaders  looking to sharpen their skills in leading STM teams. Practical simple solutions to make a long-term difference with your  short-term mission!

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STM Leadership Certification is for a leader who wants to sharpen his or her skill at leading STM teams.

Short Term Mission leaders are busy people, they hold full-time jobs, are committed to their friends and family and on top of that they want to change the world.

You will discover an easy and proven way to save money and time. STM leadership Certification will help guarantee your mission health and team happiness. Sign up today (at the top of the page on the right) for our certification process. you will love the results!


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2017-2018 Course Start Dates:

(start times Mondays at 4pm PACIFIC, 7 pm EASTERN)

  • January 16, 2017
  • March 13, 2017
  • May 1, 2017
  • Summer 2017 (Dates to be determined)
  • September 18, 2017
  • November 6, 2017
  • January 15, 2018
  • March 5, 2018
  • May 7, 2018

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of Greg


    Thanks Mark. I pray God blesses your ministry.

  2. Profile photo of Loretta

    STM Leader Certification Course

    Mark has done an exception job of creating this course and a strong vision for STM leadership.

  3. Profile photo of Sunday

    New perspective on STMs

    After attending the STM leadership program, I just realized how intentional doing short term mission can be, somewhat different from the spontaneous/organic approach I naturally will gravitate to. I feel strongly, this can be an enhancer rather than inhibits previously conceived approach, a not so structured one to short term mission efforts. I find the level of details in the program fascinating but very pragmatic.

  4. Profile photo of Thomas

    From the Gideons International

    Mark and his training opened my eyes to how much more we can improve our short-term missions trips at the Gideons International in Canada. No matter how experienced one is in leading missions, this course will still show you how you can improve. There are best practices for short-term missions trip leadership and Mark will get you to that level. Implementing this training will allow you to provide an excellent experience for your trip members. I highly recommend this course for every short-term missions leader.

  5. Profile photo of Charlene

    Learn from a distance

    I am a novice short term leader so found this course very helpful in preparing me for our upcoming trip this year.
    Thank you Mark for allowing us to learn from a distance.

  6. Profile photo of Maria

    Shifted my view on mission

    Very informative. I found my view on short term missions actually shift throughout the training. It gave great practical info on how to run and the desired outcomes of STMs. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  7. Profile photo of Fernando

    Helps me as a mission pastor

    STM Training not only helps equip me personally to lead better with STM teams, but it help me as a missions Pastor at my church to create mission language and training that is the same across the board at our church, which will and is leading to better alignment in STMs at my church in both youth and adult missions. I highly recommend this training to any church that does STMs.

  8. Profile photo of Scott

    Very Relevant

    This course in very relevant for those who would be leading a group on short term missions. This course is a great tool and is worth while for those in leadership to take.

  9. Profile photo of Dallas


    The wealth of experience that Mark draws from and packages it in a practical, empowering way is invaluable. Not only will it benefit the leader, but team members, hosts and churches will be grateful.

  10. Profile photo of Dylan

    Nov 2016 STM Leadership course

    I loved learning from others and hearing about the different experiences. As a result of the training I have a greater awareness of missions, the good and the negative they can cause. I would definitely recommend STM Leader to my friends

  11. Profile photo of Randy

    Beyond my Expectations!

    I always take courses and workshops with the attitude of “I hope to walk away with one new thing “. If I learned one new thing or if I’m inspired to do something in a new and better way, then I’m happy. I take that attitude because I’ve been around a while and so a lot I hear are only good reminders of what I already know (at least in my field). But even after leading people on missions trips for 15 years I found Mark had so many great ideas and resources that I lost count of the number of new things I learnt in this course. Thanks Mark for making me feel like a kid again, I learnt so much!

  12. Profile photo of KEN

    September 2016 STM Leadership Training was great

    Mark did a great job investing in this group his wealth of knowledge and first hand experience. I have found this course challenging me about what STM really is and how to be effective. This course could easily be a 6 month course. There is so much material to soak up. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who has a passion for short term missions

  13. Profile photo of Susan

    Training review

    I am very grateful for Mark and the training he provided. I know the success of our mission trip to the Philippines was mostly due to the training Mark provided in preparing me as a leader. There were so many times when something would come up and I was prepared for it only because I took this course.
    I also very much appreciated being able to debrief with Mark when I returned. I took the time to debrief with my prayer partner when I returned but it was also really great to debrief with Mark and talk about the trip with him.
    The course material was incredibly useful as well and I used it to keep track of my budget, expenditures and purchases and as handouts for my team.
    I know that I will be using this material for years to come and adding to it from my own experiences to fine tune it to personally fit.

    Thanks again Mark – you are a great teacher!

    Susan Hodges Marlowe

  14. Profile photo of Shane

    Take this Course! :)

    This is a must-take course for anyone considering taking a short-term missions trip, regardless of whether it is for local or international missions. The course is full of wisdom and practical application in areas of administration, team building, working with hosts, and team training, and I recommend it very highly!

  15. Profile photo of Paul


    If you’re doing missions in your own back yard or other nations this course will help you to do it in a very practical way and give you the tools to help your team be a blessing to other cultures.

  16. Profile photo of Michelle


    I feel like I’ve tapped into a wealth of resources when it comes to leading short-term missions. I very much appreciated Mark’s very practical advice and keen insights! I love how he goes beyond conventional ways of thinking about missions, to take a step back and evaluate why we do what we do and what exactly does it set out to accomplish. Thank you for raising the bar and providing a standard by which we can think, approach and lead short-term missions!

  17. Profile photo of Lisa

    Best Ever!

    I’ve been leading teams for over ten years now and learned SO much from this course! Mark is the best ever! He teaches from a place of great experience, humility & humour. I’m so thankful for the simple and fun way he taught us new perspectives on STMs, shared great & practical resources, and helped us process our own STM experiences through the lens of story and relationship. Looking forward to sending many more team leaders his way!

  18. Profile photo of Delynne

    Feel better equipped to lead

    Great job Mark! I learned a lot and enjoyed your training sessions! Feel better equipped to l lead and yet know I have a lot of room to grow and learn as I continue to serve in missions! Will refer back to our course curriculum a lot in the future

  19. Profile photo of Cal

    Fantastic Content!

    Hey Mark;

    Course was great. Fantastic content! You’ve covered a lot of stuff and given great resources. The only thing I would say that might help is sometimes the questions during the Skype calls might not have been super clear as to what you were looking for so that’s why I think there was a lot of silence and a sense of trying to pull things out of people. No biggie though. Happy to have gone through the course!

  20. Profile photo of Vincent Chan

    All STM leaders must take!

    This is a great course for newbies or veterans – I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or two at the very least. Mark does a great job in delivering the material and I love the hand outs which I’ll be using for years to come. I especially appreciate the “sample lessons” that one can do as-is or modify for their own context. His wealth of knowledge, stories and experiences is very evident and at any time, you can pick his brain for help. As a STM team member, it would be great to know that your team leader has gone through training/certification themselves before taking you out on the missions field.

  21. Profile photo of Karen

    Leadership Certification Course

    I have really appreciated the opportunity to take the STM leadership Certification. I have received so much useful information to lead our team going to El Salvador in August . Mark’s personality – relaxed attitude , wealth of knowledge , and evident love for God – made the course – even more interesting and meaningful . You have given me all the tools required to have a positive and effective experience. Thank you Mark for your dedication and passion to equip us with the Tools. May God continue to inspire and lead you.

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Featured Testimonial

Mark is passionate and knowledgable in this area of leadership and the program gives a great outline to follow as we embark on our own mission with a team

Aaron Sept

Team Leader - Three Hills, Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church

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