5 Secret Skills to Becoming a Travel Virtuoso

What is the difference between a tourist and a traveller? A traveller has learned how to take the stress of travel and make it work for them rather than trying to work against it.

If you want to understand how you can learn this yourself, here are the 5 skills you need to  become a Travel Virtuoso (a person highly skilled in an artistic pursuit)

5 secret skills!


Are you a traveller or a tourist?

Mark Crocker

October 8, 2016

6 responses on "5 Secret Skills to Becoming a Travel Virtuoso"

  1. I think that biggest mistake on these trips is not being intentional. If people are not intentional it turns from a mission trip to a vacation.

  2. To add a little more detail to my above comment. I think that the fun part of becoming a traveller virtuoso will be imagining a bizarre reason for why the people would be reacting in a way that I don’t understand. As Mark states, I think will help me not to assume something is most likely isn’t true.

  3. Great tips about what it means to be a traveller virtuoso.

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